Sunday, December 13, 2009

Miles and comments

10,011 miles driven on our Great American Road Trip!

Nicest, smoothest, cleanest roads: Vermont

Bumpiest roads: Pennsylvania

Most re-treads (broken tires) along the road: Hwy 40 through the Ozark Mountains

The most trash along the road: I-15 in southeastern California

Best recycling programs: California and NY

Outside of National Parks, there doesn't seem to be much interest in recycling in the middle of the country. We turned in accumulated cans and bottles at whatever NPS site we happened to be at.

National Park sites visited: 18

Junior Ranger badges earned at National Parks: 33

ZERO problems with the new Ford van. One oil change in Albany NY, halfway point in time and space.

Two problems with the Sportsmobile conversion: 1. The latch for the refrigerator door failed on day 2 of our journey. We ended up buying a baby-safe refrigerator latch in Albuquerque. The heat of the van's interior caused the sticky adhesive to fail, so duct tape held it on for the rest of the trip. 2. Three of the flimsy plastic cupholders broke.

Bryn's favorite road sign: "weaving traffic" in Vermont

One emergency room visit; 9 stitches in Bret's right leg.

Hottest place: Austin TX, 108 F.
Coldest place: Torch Lake, Michigan, on the morning it rained.

[photos, top to bottom: southern New Mexico on the way to Carlsbad Caverns; take me home, country roads - western West Virginia; near Scott's Bluff, northwestern Nebraska; Colorado National Park, where the canyons meet the Rocky Mountains]

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