Sunday, December 13, 2009

Best Places

Today, 4 months after we returned home, I asked the boys what their favorite things were. Interestingly, although we all enjoyed many things, the places we each specifically picked came out on top. We had desired to visit these places, so maybe our dreams just came true?

Randy: the bats coming out of Carlsbad Caverns; the walk and talk about Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg; the Watervliet Arsenal. [photo - Reed, Bret, and Ranger Matt at Gettysburg]

Reed: the Pinball Hall of Fame - because there were so many games to play and some of them were vintage. The Mall of America and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were great too.
[photo - Reed with his favorite pinball game - The Pinball Wizard]

Bret: Lake Champlain, Camp Half-Blood, and the Mall of America were the best. And Niagara Falls and Carlsbad Caverns because these two are just amazing. [photo - Bret on the Lake Champlain cruise boat]

Bryn: visiting family and friends was definitely tops, and this included trips to three cemeteries. For places, the Black Hills around South Dakota were unexpectedly beautiful, as were West Virginia and Michigan. Ohio was also full of fun things, and Ohio is not a place that I ever thought about visiting. [photo - picnic at Hopewell Culture National Historic Site, Ohio]

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