Friday, August 8, 2014

August 8, 2014 Redding and San Rafael

We had a long driving day with treats at lunch and dinner - family and friends!

Our trip back from Cody has been governed by the need to get back in time for Reed to register for school. We had wanted to have more time, but it was not available. We are often making plans a day before they are executed, which makes it tough. So far in every case when we've called someone and said, "we'll be in your area on this day, can you meet for lunch/dinner?" the answer has been yes. Lucky us!

Today we took the long drive from Medford to the Bay Area.  Our lunch stop was in Redding, where we met Bryn's cousin Jay and his wife Lillian.  It was a great visit but much too short!

The dramatic need to conserve water was also seen by the dangerously low water level of the Shasta Reservoir. Throughout this area, it seems about a quarter of the trees are dead. Jay told us about their water rationing, which is more severe than that required in Los Angeles.  Let's all hope for more rain.
This is the Shasta Reservoir as seen from a bridge on I-5.  You see all that brown along the edges? That should be covered with water.
The next leg of our journey was Redding to the Bay Area. We arrived at San Rafael to see our friends Joanie, Sam & Tamar.   We had a great evening seeing Joanie's new home, then walking in downtown San Rafael to a dim sum dinner and crepe dessert.  It was fun catching up with them!  Later we drove across the Richmond Bridge to San Pablo. The full moon over the water with Bay Area lights twinkling was a lovely site.
An unattentive Bret gets some of his s'mores crepe swiped.

Reed makes modern art with utensils while Joanie critiques it.


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