Saturday, July 26, 2014

7/23/14 Provo UT and Dinosaur National Monument

We saw gorgeous Utah scenery today - red rocks, blue sky, fluffy white clouds for the patriotic color palette.  Provo, UT was the first stop, at the Pioneer Bookstore. It was lovely, in the old downtown area, and we each left with some nice finds.  The bookseller recommended a few restaurants, and we went with his favorite, La Dolce Vita, for fantastic Italian food that fortified us as we drove over the Wasatch Mountains eastward toward Vernal.
We arrived at our campsite in Dinosaur National Monument's Green River Campground at about 7 p.m. We set up camp and had dinner. The boys roughed it in the tent while Bryn & Randy took the van. All of us had a miserable and contrary night - although there were a couple of thunderstorms, it was super dry, and really hot. The way to get through it was to keep pouring water from our bottles on ourselves all night long!  But the scenery was lovely and the cottonwoods plentiful.

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