Monday, September 6, 2010

Home Again - Sunday, August 29, 2010

End of the three week road trip. Randy argues that the trip actually ended on Saturday, as we had left on a Sunday. Bryn likes to stretch vacations out as long as possible, so she argues that since we left just before lunch on a Sunday, the actual trip end is also on Sunday. It's a debate that will never be resolved, as Randy's logic and Bryn's will don't always reach the same conclusion. ;-)

Bret was happy to re-visit his favorite Valley Hungarian Sausage Company in Littlerock for the famous ham and cheese sandwich. As we drove the familiar route home, we took some photos of Vasquez Rocks through the window. Definitely more dramatic than yesterday's Mormon Rocks.

We got home late afternoon, then went to Bryn's parents house for dinner, and the boys had fun playing with 5 little furballs. One of the neighborhood feral cats had kittens again, but her parents were able to tame them. There is a long story that goes with catching, fixing, and finding homes for kittens, but
that's not for this blog. Anyway, these are 2 of the little cuties; 3 of the 5 have been adopted already.

When we got home, our cat were happy to see us. Storm liked cuddling up with some stuffed animals on the couch.

Everyone was happy to be home, except for Bryn. I would much rather be out exploring, visiting friends, museums, and other interesting sights and attractions instead of returning to work and school schedules, multiple scout meetings, housework, museum projects, etc. Although I do like having more options on what I can wear! As you can tell from the photos, we packed lightly which meant lots of fashion repeats (if you can call our wardrobe of t-shirts "fashion!").

I hope to get the boys to sit down and write some of their highpoints of the trip, so there could be another post....

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